How you know about Leaf spring shackle&leaf spring hanger? an ultimate guide

Date:2022-08-19   Click:876   Source:Dongyou-Aaron

What are Leaf Spring Shackles and Leaf Spring Hangers?

Leaf spring shackle is used in leaf spring suspension systems in heavy vehicles. It’s a free-hanging part that connects that springs to the frame of the vehicle. That free-hanging part called leaf spring shackle lets the leaf springs stretch and adjust when the car moves. Leaf spring shackles are a very crucial component. The shackle adjusts its shape while the leaf springs are enlarged to a certain length. So if there is no shackle, the spring will become stiff and its operation as a suspension system will get obstructed.

Leaf spring hanger is another important part that provides frame connections for the leaf springs and the shackles on the suspension system of an automotive vehicle. These hangers are made of stamped or cast steel and are fixed to the frame of the vehicle when it is assembled. On the rear leaf spring applications, the hangers are referred to as Front of Rear (FOR) or Rear of Rear (ROR). Similarly, on front leaf spring applications, it is called Front of Front (FOF) or Rear of Front (ROF).

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