What do we mainly do?
Ryan Dongyou is specialized in the production of all kinds of automotive chassis brackets, shock spring shackles, shock mounts, body mounts, etc. including but not limited to Leaf Spring Shackle, Leaf Spring Hanger, etc.
Where are the products we produce mainly suitable for?
Our main products are suitable for Ford F series, Dodge, Chevrolet, Cadillac and other years of each series of pickup truck chassis accessories. At the same time, it also takes into account the development, production and sales of parts for Mazda, Toyota and other car series.
How do leaf spring shackles and leaf spring hangers work?
How do leaf spring shackles and leaf spring hangers work?
Leaf springs are standard suspension systems for trucks, cars, etc. Because these vehicles carry very heavy loads, the springs balance the weight of the vehicle when it is impacted by speed bumps and rocky roads. But without the shackle, the leaf spring cannot work. The leaf spring shackle directly affects the ride quality and suspension travel of the vehicle.

In the hanger section, the front hanger is directly connected to the spring by means of bolts that pass through the hanger and spring eye. The rear hanger is attached to the shackle by bolts through the shackle and the spring hanger, and the leaf spring shackle connects it to the leaf spring. So the shackle is a link that allows the spring to change length when loaded and unloaded. Without the shackle link, the suspension would not be able to flex.
The quality of the product
All products produced by our company are assembled through strict manufacturing screening. We have an experienced mold manufacturing team, with dozens of sets of professional production equipment, professional production team. The raw materials used in the production of the products (pickling board) are all produced by Shanghai Baosteel, China's largest steel producer. All kinds of accessories are also supplied by quality suppliers. Since its inception, the company has never received complaints from customers due to quality problems. Please feel free for quality issues.
Advantages of our company
Our company is the source factory, we independent research and development, production and sales, so our quality is excellent, the price is the lowest, the service is the best. We look forward to your inquiry.
The importance of leaf spring shackles and leaf spring hangers in vehicles
The importance of leaf spring shackles and leaf spring hangers in vehicles:
Leaf springs are critical components in any truck's suspension system. It is a critical component in truck axle alignment and supporting vehicle weight. Shackles allow the vehicle's springs to extend as the car moves over different surfaces of the road, such as bumps, rocks, bumps and potholes. The shackle allows the length of the leaf spring to change accordingly during suspension movement.

For example, when a leaf spring is squeezed, its length increases and the spring arc becomes flatter. Likewise, when the leaf spring relaxes, its length becomes shorter and the arc becomes normal. And these whole movements are possible because the yoke allows them. Without a shackle, the vehicle's leaf spring suspension system cannot function properly, resulting in an unstable ride and poor performance.

In addition to this, another purpose of the leaf spring shackle is to maintain the balance of the vehicle. In the suspension system, the shackle is placed at the rear of each leaf spring. They connect the spring to the frame via the eye spring Boult. Since leaf springs can't carry all the weight, they rely on shackles to expand and help the system function properly. When driving over speed bumps on the road, the suspension responds to the speed bumps, and the shackles allow the springs to take the force of the bumps. It prevents the vehicle from hitting the ground. Therefore, the pickup tires stay in contact with the road with the help of the suspension shackles.

The leaf spring hanger helps keep the leaf spring connected to the vehicle chassis. The hanger is the support for the leaf springs, and the shackle keeps the tires in contact with the track on bumpy rides. These shackles and hangers are key components in any suspension system, and they allow the leaf springs to function properly.
When to replace leaf spring shackles and leaf spring hangers?
When to replace leaf spring shackles and leaf spring hangers?
Without the shackle, the vehicle's leaf springs would not deploy. So if the car hits a bump, the tires won't make contact with the road. So the shackle helps the car adapt and stay stable on uneven surfaces. Therefore, when replacing a leaf spring shackle, you must contact the best manufacturer of aftermarket parts.

Over time and with repeated use, shackles can wear, rust and even break. On the other hand, the main reasons for replacing leaf spring hangers are corrosion and damage. The shape of the hanger can cause debris and moisture to get stuck in the hanger, which can thin and develop rust holes over time. Corrosion destroys the strength of the leaf spring hanger and can sometimes break into pieces. In addition, the negligence of the suspension system can also damage the leaf spring hanger.

As a result, these issues can cause more unexpected vehicle movement and affect ride. So, if you're experiencing any obstructions or your car isn't running well, it may be time to look for a replacement vehicle's leaf spring shackle or hanger. If the shackle is worn or rusted, the hanger is damaged or rusted, replace it immediately to avoid unforeseen dangerous situations for the vehicle and others on the road, resulting in a more stable and safe journey.